Automotive technology is evolving at astonishing speed, so it's no surprise that at least some good things come up for every model year. Here are some of the latest innovations that will soon reveal new cars are waiting for you.

Economical Mode

While we believe that most drivers will be on their paths and chances, we will never make the necessary changes to fuel retention. For example, we know that we simply do not use AC to increase fuel economy when we drive and not just run through our window if we can save fuel, so we decide to keep the air conditioner cool. We simply stand in our way when we run AC, even if we are as comfortable as a window at a glance. With the new idea and innovation of economical mode, the car will be able to determine when the car system is not essential and disable them to save fuel for the driver; Examples include AC, Cruise Controls and others. The car has started these settings automatically for the driver. This is not just an idea; some hybrids contain an economical mode that currently limits the use of A / C to several modules.

Black Box Technology

There are airplanes and cars, and why the black box of airplanes is literally invaluable for many years with the ability to capture passports and logs in details about what is happening with a plane during a flight or accidents in case of. It is still the object of debates like most personal things, and many of you undoubtedly object to the idea that the black box is put into personal vehicles. The fact that both Ford and General Motors use Black Box technology in about two-thirds of built-in models, but are called "writers". Leaders can expect that the progress of these "registrars" will be able to tell police and insurance companies about car accidents, speed, driving, driving the day, and more.

Yes, a car that actually cares for parking is already producing. There is already a system where the driver keeps his foot on the brakes while the car is self-contained in surprisingly parallel parks. Its future looks bright, as this kind of application can be very useful in the future not only in the parking lot, but in other confined spaces like garages.

Let's Drive the Driving

This is not just a dream or what's in the movies with the advancement of GPS and robot technology that sets your car to the Auto Pilot where the navigation system drives the car to its destination, while the driver retires and relaxes, he becomes more realistic than many people could imagine. Experimentation and design is under way with magnets and GPS to make this dream come true.

Crash Detection

It's already in Acura RL, and it's called the Collision Mitigation System. Hopefully every car will include this type of security feature one day. Where the cars themselves decide that the wreck is inevitable and warns the driver to rely on collisions by automatically interfering with the driver by installing airbags that interfere with the braking system and by tightening the seat belts, etc. They are all themselves.

The near future is a really exciting time.

Source by Dennis J James

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