The unprofitable tax exemption plan (501 (C) 3) is really important, as it allows these organizations to work without paying income tax, to obtain tax exemption from individuals and companies and to receive state aid. As you can imagine, these organizations must adhere to certain rules in order to maintain their tax exemption. Annual submission of information is one of those rules.

In the past, it is small, not profitable (those with gross earnings that did not exceed $ 50,000) did not have to pay the IRS each year. In 2007, the rule has changed and all non-profits are required to submit one year's information to the IRS. Large, unprofitable ($ 50,000 gross income) must complete 990 or 990-EZ forms. Smaller, unprofitable, e-cards (990-N) must be submitted. If a nonprofit organization does not sign up for 3 consecutive years, its nonprofit status will automatically be terminated. Due to this rule introduced in 2007, IRS has recently facilitated 275 organizations in their nonprofit status.

If your organization is still working, but lost its status as a tax exemption because it failed to make the necessary returns, there are some good news; the IRS has allowed such organizations to restore their tax exemption status. In order to restore your tax-free status, you must do the following:

1. Please sign back up to 31 December 2012.

2nd It must include a statement that gives a reasonable cause for failing to submit in the past 3 years.

3rd Enter a written statement explaining how the nonprofit organization has established procedures to ensure that the necessary documents are in the future.

4th Please provide evidence supporting the above statements

5. Complete all the necessary refunds up to date.

6th Pay a User Fee ($ 400 for organizations whose annual gross earnings do not exceed $ 10,000 and $ 850 for those with gross revenue over $ 10,000)

The IRS has given a major concession to smaller, non-profit organizations gross income does not exceed $ 50,000), and instead of the usual amount, the $ 100 user fee will be accepted.

Non-profit is important to the communities they provide, providing services that are otherwise unavailable and sometimes employ a lot of people. In order to continue their work, it is important to be aware of the rules governing non-profit organizations. The following rules contain the rules that non – profits must meet in order to maintain their tax exemption:

1. Keep yourself from taking part in the political campaigns of the candidates for any local office: local. state. Egypt is federal.

2nd Ensure that your assets and revenue do not unjustly help insiders, such as board members and officials.

3rd Ensure that the body is not used for further exempt purposes.

4th Make sure that a large part of your organization's time and resources are not missing in influencing legislation.

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