Everyone in business and politics knows that innovation is vital, but companies are struggling with innovation. One of the reasons for this is that there is considerable confusion in terms of innovation (definition); the vocabulary of innovation; and innovation-related constructions.

  • Innovation is a Multi-Dimensional Design
  • Innovation is a type of innovation (process, product, service, business model, value, market,
  • and the grade (incremental, semi radical, radical, transformational, etc.)
  • (eg task, project, individual, group, SBU, company, business etc. ., or
  • region or nation).
  • The definition can thus be broad or narrow perspective.
  • The definition can offer a supply or demand view
  • that views innovation as a product or process, while useful, too simple.
  • sustainable innovation b radical or incremental.
  • Detective Innovation focuses on a dimension that does not pose a particular value to the most profitable customers of companies.
  • The same author may use many different definitions, depending on what new dimension is disputed
  • Innovation can be considered as an attitude: "It must be in a better way."
  • Understand the above and you will be well in understanding innovation, within your organization.

    Source by Gordon Graham

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